The 47th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), September 26-29, 2022, hybrid format (hosted in Edmonton, Canada)

Conference Registration

Conference registration page

The organizers of LCN 2022 have decided to hold the conference in a hybrid format. This allows registrants to attend the conference either in-person or virtually. The LCN 2022 organizers believe that flexibility in terms of how to attend the conference is very important to allow for adjusting personal and institutional or government imposed COVID-19 restrictions that may change over time.

To hold a conference in a hybrid format is more expensive than holding it in a purely in-person or purely virtual format. While we need to pay for "traditional costs" like space rental and food & beverage onsite, we are also providing live streaming for the virtual attendees, which requires additional hardware beyond what is usually required for a purely virtual conference. Therefore, and with an eye on the flexibility to be able to seamlessly at any time change from an in-person to a virtual format (or vice versa), the LCN 2022 registration fees are the same (within each registration category, e.g., "Author - IEEE Member", etc.) for in-person and virtual attendance.

Any questions or comments regarding the registration fees should be directed to the LCN 2022 Registration Chair, Frank Huebner.