The 46th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), October 4-7, 2021, to be held virtually

The 46th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), October 4-7, 2021, virtually hosted in Edmonton, Canada

Instructions for Presenters and Session Chair for the Virtual LCN 2021


To be published in the IEEE LCN 2021 Conference Proceedings and to be eligible for publication in IEEE Xplore®, at least one author of an accepted paper (regular/short/doctoral) is required to register for the conference. Sharing of the paper upload code is strictly prohibited.

Please follow the guidelines below in preparing for your presentation and attending your designated session:

  • Authors are asked to pre-record short videos that address what is "novel and interesting" about their research (more tips at the end of the e-mail), with the following time limits:
    • Regular papers: 10 minutes
    • Symposium and Doctoral (full track) papers: 7 minutes
    • Short and Doctoral (promising ideas track) papers: 5 minutes
  • These videos are to be uploaded on the paper's EDAS record by Sept. 20, 2021 (extended deadline), in a similar fashion as the camera-ready paper.
  • The presenting author for each paper is expected to present their topic live, within the same timelines above.
  • For each paper, the presenter of the paper must be indicated and his/her bio uploaded on EDAS.
  • Videos should contain a prominent view of the presentation slides along with audio of the spoken presentation.
  • If the session chair notices issues with connectivity/live delivery, then they would play the pre-recorded video.
  • Kindly note that is not a replacement for no-shows. Each paper must have a presenting author during its session; both to present, and to address questions and engage in discussions about their work after the presentation. Exceptions must be approved by the TPC Chairs prior to the commencement of the conference.
  • After each paper presentation, there will be a short Q&A time slot. A longer time slot is left at the end of each session for a discussion between authors and audience, that is to be moderated by the session chair, who will be designated based on their expertise in the domain of that session.
  • The program includes many breaks that encourage interaction between authors and audience, seize these opportunities to get feedback and discuss developments!
  • We intend to collect votes on the top 10 videos prepared for LCN 2021, and the results are planned to be shared via LCN's social media channels and/or at the virtual conference!

What if you would like to prepare a longer video?

  • Great! Our Media Chair would be happy to hear from you! If you prepare an enticing video, we would tweet about it on the LCN 2021 conference Twitter feed, and the session chair will also be notified to share a link with the video with the audience. You may also reach out to the session chair before the conference, and they would gladly share the link with other authors in your session prior to the session. This will give you a chance to shed more light on the specifics of your model, data, experimental setup, etc, and garner more interest from your peers and audience!
  • Thus, if you wish to share your longer video, please contact our Media Chair, Matthias Frank by Sept 20th. Please note that this does not replace the mandatory short presentation that needs to be uploaded on EDAS as noted above.

Tips on preparing an engaging presentation:

  • Focus on what is novel about your work. Start with a quick discussion on the "void" that is addressed by this work, and how your approach/model differs from the status quo.
  • Ask yourself, if there are two important aspects about my work that I would like all my audience to remember, what would they be? Focus on building your rhetoric and narrative to ensure a clear delivery of these two aspects. Rest assured, if you garner interest, the audience have access to your paper, and will seek the details there.
  • The timelines noted above were important to aid audience in focusing on the important message, and avoid Zoom fatigue. Thus, don’t aim to "speak faster" and squeeze in as much as you can in the time allotted. Focus on how you could clearly deliver a message that would entice your audience to ask, engage, and seek to read your full paper!

Have any questions?

  • We are sorry that EDAS and the LCN web page originally showed longer video durations, but as noted above, in preparing the final program we decided to go for shorter and comprehensive presentation times to avoid parallel tracks for regular papers. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope that the extended video upload deadline compensates for it.
  • Please reach out to the TPC Chairs, Lyes Khoukhi and Sharief Oteafy if you have any questions or concerns.

Session Chairs

The Session chair, working with the conference chairs, is in charge of moderating the session. His/her responsibilities are:

    Download the video presentations of the session and make sure that the video files can be played back on your device. If there are playback problems, we suggest to use VLC Media Player.

    Login 10 minutes before the session time by clicking on the link sent by the conference chairs to access the Zoom room.

    Introduce the author and paper during the designated presentation time slot and then play the pre-recorded video presentation when it is their time to begin his/her presentation. Here some useful links:

    During the live Q&A time slot, give the participants opportunity to ask their questions or read the questions to the presenting author.

    Conclude the session and check the attendance sheet (sent by the conference chairs).