The 48th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), October 1-5, 2023, in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

Instructions for Presenters and Session Chairs at LCN 2023

To be published in the IEEE LCN 2023 Conference Proceedings, and to be eligible for publication in IEEE Xplore®, at least one author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference and present their work during the conference.

Papers need to be presented in person by one of the authors. If none of them are able to attend for an emergency or visa issues, then an alternate presenter needs to be approved by the TPC chairs, with assurances (from the requester) that they are fully knowledgeable about the work.

Regular/Doctoral Paper Presenters

Authors must prepare an oral presentation (in PPT/PPTX or Adobe PDF format) and convey their message in a clear manner by giving a summary of their key ideas, their findings and results. The presentations should be prepared considering the following time limits:

  • Regular papers: 18 minutes (plus 4 minutues of Q&A)
  • Doctoral papers: 10 minutes

Presenters should know the time and location of their session and arrive in the room 15 minutes before the start of the session and introduce themselves to the session chair. Authors need to have their presentations ready on a USB drive, and provide it to the session chair. The session chair shall load a copy on the designated presentation machine, so that it's ready as we switch between presenters. Presenters will also be provided with a clicker to advance slides, which will also be connected to the machine. Authors will not be allowed to hook up their own machines to reduce switching latency and configuration mishaps.

During the presentation, presenters should make sure that they do not exceed their time limits and follow the session chair's instructions.

Short/Demo Paper Presenters

Short and demo papers will be presented in a dedicated, plenary poster session. There are two such sessions, thus check your scheduled time and plan accordingly. Each year, the poster session offers the authors and the audience the opportunity to engage in direct and vivid discussions. Presenters should stay in front of their poster during their session and should be ready to answer any questions from attendees.

Poster presenters will be provided with a mounting board for their poster presentation. The speaker has to bring a poster of up to A0 size (841×1189 millimeters or 33.11×46.81 inches), and to present the poster during the poster session. The poster layout is completely up to the speaker. The poster is not uploaded in advance.

Demo authors can also work with the Demonstrations chair to discuss their further needs, if any.

Session Chairs

The session chair, working with the conference chairs and technical moderator in the session room, is in charge of moderating the session. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with the conference team and make sure all of the presentation slides are preloaded on one single computer to make smooth transitions.
  • Being present in the session room 15 minutes before the session starts, and collecting the presentations in that session from authors in the designated presentation machine.
  • Establish the session plan with the authors and attendees, especially in terms of the time limits for presentations as well as cues (e.g. using yellow/red cards) used to indicate to the presenters that they are nearing the end of their time. The presenter of each regular paper has 18 minutes followed by 4 minutes of Q&A. For doctoral papers, the allowed presentation time is 10 minutes.
  • Introduce the presenter and paper during the designated time slot (the author bios should be available in EDAS) and then ask them to start their presentation timely.
  • Manage a brief Q&A with a few questions after each presentation.
  • Ask attendees with questions to come forward to the microphone placed in the middle-front of the room (or the session chair can repeat the question of the attendee using the same way) so that their questions are heard by all attendees in the room.
  • Fill out the session attendance sheet and hand it in to TPC chairs after the session. Authors who do not present their work are counted as no-shows, and should be marked as such on the attendance sheet.


Please reach out to the TPC Chairs if you have any questions or concerns.