The 40th LCN Anniversary Celebration, October 26-29, 2015, Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA


LCN40 Expert Panel Session

The LCN40 Conference is pleased to host an expert panel session titled LCN Today, Tomorrow, and Network Technologies Introduced with four of the conference's — and the industry's — notable pioneers. The LCN is the oldest continually running computer networking conference in the world, so come hear from of the conference's pioneers. Topics will include LCN planning then and now, and a recollection of the network technologies introduced and discussed at LCN over the years. And, of course, a lively discussion with the audience! The panel session will be held on Tuesday, October 27, at 4:30 p.m.

Our expert panel members will be:

  • Bob Metcalfe was the co-founder of 3Com Corporation, best known for its computer network infrastructure products utilizing IEEE 802.3 Ethernet technology, where he was CEO from 1979-2010. Dr. Metcalfe was the keynote speaker at LCN-3 and LCN-7, and will give the plenary keynote address at LCN40.

  • Harvey Freeman was the founder of LANWORKS, a network equipment supplier in the 1980s and 1990s, where he was president from 1987-1997. Harvey was an LCN leader and organizer from LCN-3 to LCN-22.

  • Howard Salwen was the founder of Proteon Networks, a Token-Ring LAN vendor in the earliest days of local computer networking; while at Proteon, he was Chairman from 1972-1999, CEO from 1972-1984, and CTO from 1984-1999. Howard was an LCN leader and participant from LCN-10 to LCN-30.

  • Peter Martini is a Professor of Communication and Networked Systems at the University of Bonn. Dr. Martini has been an LCN leader and participant since LCN-14 and was a keynote speaker at LCN-36.

Please plan to attend this exciting 40th Anniversary event.

The 40 Anniversary Panel took place on October 27, 2015, and attendees were not disappointed!! From left: Peter Martini, panelist; Bob Metcalfe, panelist and keynote speaker; Harvey Freeman, panelist; Howard Salwen, panelist; Tim Strayer, moderator and 40th Anniversary co-chair; Joe Bumblis, 40th anniversary co-chair.