Prior IEEE Conferences on Local Computer Networks (LCN)

Past Conference Archive

The 48th LCN (LCN 2023), October 2023; Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

The 47th LCN (LCN 2022), September 2022; Edmonton, Canada (hybrid)

The 46th LCN (LCN 2021), October 2021; Edmonton, Canada (virtual)

The 45th LCN (LCN 2020), October 2020; Sydney, Australia (virtual)

The 44th LCN (LCN 2019), October 2019; Osnabrück, Germany

The 43rd LCN (LCN 2018), October 2018; Chicago, USA

The 42nd LCN (LCN 2017), October 2017; Singapore

The 41st LCN (LCN 2016), November 2016; Dubai, UAE

The 40th LCN (LCN 2015), October 2015; Clearwater, Florida, USA

The 39th LCN (LCN 2014), October 2014; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The 38th LCN (LCN 2013), October 2013; Sydney, Australia

The 37th LCN (LCN 2012), October 2012; Clearwater, Florida, USA

The 36th LCN (LCN 2011), October 2011; Bonn, Germany

The 35th LCN (LCN 2010), October 2010; Denver, Colorado, USA

The 34th LCN (LCN 2009), October 2009; Zürich, Switzerland

The 33rd LCN (LCN 2008), October 2008; Montreal, Canada

The 32nd LCN (LCN 2007), October 2007; Dublin, Ireland

The 31st LCN (LCN 2006), November 2006; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 30th LCN (LCN 2005), November 2005; Sydney, Australia

The 29th LCN (LCN 2004), November 2004; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 28th LCN (LCN 2003), October 2003; Bonn/Königswinter, Germany

The 27th LCN (LCN 2002), November 2002; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 26th LCN (LCN 2001), November 2001; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 25th LCN (LCN 2000), November 2000; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 24th LCN (LCN '99), October 1999; Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

The 23rd LCN (LCN '98), October 1998; Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

The 22nd LCN (LCN '97), November 1997; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The 21st LCN (LCN '96), October 1996; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The 20th LCN (LCN '95), October 1995; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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