LCN 2005

Technical Paper Sessions

Session 1
Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2005 (10:30 - 12:10)

1A: Peer-to-Peer
Chair: Jeffrey Horton
Venue: Elizabeth Bay
1B: QoS
Chair: Robert McGorman
Venue: Carlton Ballroom
1C: Sensors and Radio
Chair: Mehran Abolhassan
Venue: Watsons Bay
Collision Detection and Resolution in Hierarchical Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems, V. March, Y. Teo, H. Lim, P. Eriksson, and R. Ayani

No Junk, no Peeking, Serious Offers Only: P2P File Exchange in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks, R. Vogt, I. Nikolaidis, and P. Gburzynski

Fault Tolerant Active Rings for Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlays, J. Risson, K. Robinson, and T. Moors

VETO — Enabling a P2P-Based Market for Composed Services, J. Gerke and B. Stiller
ERP-DDRR: An Efficient and Robust Scheduler for Providing Proportional Delay Differentiation in Terabit Networks, C.-C. Wu, H.-M. Wu, D.-J. Tsaur, and W. Lin

Rate-based Flow-control for the CICQ Switch, K. Yoshigoe

Dynamic Programming QoS-Based Classification for Links with Limited Service Levels, A. Mohamed and H. Alnuweiri

A QoS and Fault-Tolerant Based Distributed Dynamic Channel Allocation Protocol for Cellular Networks, A. Boukerche, K. Abrougui, and T. Huang
Approximate Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks, Y. Liu and W. Liang

A Topology-Independent Link Activation Scheduling Framework in Multihop CDMA Packet Radio Networks, Y.-S. Su, S.-L. Su, and J.-S. Li

Interference Distribution in the Nakagami Fading Wireless CDMA Ad Hoc Networks with Multi-Code Multi-Packet Transmission (MCMPT), L. Zhang and B.-H. Soong

Sensor Grid: Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks and the Grid, H. Lim, Y. Teo, P. Mukherjee, V. Lam, W. Wong, and S. See

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Session 2
Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2005 (13:40 - 15:20)

2A: Storage and Distribution
Chair: Kenji Yoshigoe
Venue: Elizabeth Bay
2B: Traffic Characterisation
Chair: Ioanis Nikolaidis
Venue: Carlton Ballroom
2C: Routing and Optical
Chair: Boon Hee Soong
Venue: Watsons Bay
Design and Evaluation of a High Performance Parallel File System, L. Ou, X. He, S. Scott, Z. Xu, and Y.-C. Fang

A User-Level Approach To Network Attached Storage, R. Sohan and S. Hand

Similarity Search in Ad Hoc Networks Using Semantic-Based Caching, B. Yang and A. Hurson

Peers-assisted Dynamic Content Distribution Networks, M. Tran and W. Tavanapong
On the Feasibility of Utilizing Correlations between User Populations for Traffic Inference, K.-C. Lan and J. Heidemann

Scaling Behavior of Internet Packet Delay Dynamics Based on Small-interval Measurements, K. Wang, J. Huang, L. Zhongcheng, X. Wang, F. Yang, and J. Bi

Accurate Long-tailed Network Traffic Approximation and its Queuing Analysis by Hyper-Erlang Distributions, J. Wang, H. Zhou, L. Li, and F. Xu

On Reorder Density and its Application to Characterization of Packet Reordering, N. Piratla, A. Jayasumana, and T. Banka
Constructing Efficient Multi-hop Mesh Networks, R. Zhao, B. Walke, and M. Einhaus

Light-Trail Networks: Design and Survivability, S. Balasubramanian, W. He, and A. Somani

Performance Analysis of Multi-Fiber Synchronous Photonic Share-per-link Packet Switches, A. Fayoumi, F. Al-Zahrani, A. Habiballa and A. Jayasumana

Dynamic Routing of Reliability-Differentiated Connections in WDM Optical Networks, P. Ma, L. Zhou, and M. Gurusamy

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Session 3
Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2005 (15:50 - 17:10)

3A: Services
Chair: Azzedine Boukerche
Venue: Elizabeth Bay
3B: Traffic Control
Chair: Anura Jayasumana
Venue: Carlton Ballroom
3C: Power Efficiency
Chair: Ibrahim Khalil
Venue: Watsons Bay
On the Performance of Reliable Server Pooling Systems, T. Dreibholz and E. Rathgeb

Functional Principles of Registry-based Service Discovery, V. Sundramoorthy, C. Tan, P. Hartel, J. den Hartog, and H. Scholten

Efficient SOAP Binding for Mobile Web Services, K. Lai, T. Phan, and Z. Tari

An Analytical Model and a Fast Mechanism for Fault Restoration in IP over WDM Networks Based on n:m Scheme, X. Tan, O. Liang, and W. Cheng
On the Server Fairness of Congestion Control in the ISP Edge Router, H.-M. Wu, C.-C. Wu, and W. Lin

Implementation and Performance Analysis of a Packet Scheduler on a Programmable Network Processor, F. Sabrina, S. Kanhere, and S. Jha

Automated Traffic Classification and Application Identification Using Machine Learning, S. Zander, T. Nguyen, and G. Armitage

A Framework to Evaluate Blocking Performance of Time-slotted Optical Burst Switched Networks, L. Ou, X. Tan, Y. Ma, and Z. Yang
Energy-Efficient Bounded-diameter Tree Scatternet for Bluetooth PANs, M. Medidi and J. Campbell

Adaptive Power control Algorithm for Ad Hoc Networks With Short and Long Term Packet Correlations, J. Zhang, Z. Fang, and B. Bensaou

Power Efficient Error Control for Bluetooth-Based Sensor Networks, J. Kleinschmidt, W. Borelli, and M. Pellenz

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Poster Session
Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005 (10:00 - 12:10)

Poster Presentations of Short Papers
S-Shaped TCP: A New Transport Protocol for Fast Long-Distance Networks, M. Nabeshima

A Memory-Efficient, 100Gb/sec MAC Classification Engine, I. Papaefstathiou and V. Papaefstathiou

Weakness and Simple Improvement of a Password Authentication Scheme Based on Geometric Approach, W.-C. Ku, S.-T. Chang, H.-H. Chen and M.-J. Tsaur

Robust Congestion Control for High Speed Data Networks with Uncertain Time-Variant Delays: An LMI Control Approach, J. Hu, J. Lin, and L. Xie

A Simulation Study of TCP over the IEEE 802.15.3 MAC, K.-W. Chin and D. Lowe

CPWCT: Making P2P Home Network Secure Virtual Multimedia Device, Y. Zhou, J. Cerruti, L. Ma, L. Ma, and G. Myles

Redundant Protection Problem in the Hierarchical GMPLS Networks, S.-E. Jeon

A Distributed Algorithm based on Probability for Refining Energy-Efficiency of Multicast Trees in Ad Hoc Networks, Y. Luo, J. Wang, J. Chen, and S. Chen

Secure Content Delivery Using Key Composition, C.-Y. Huang, Y.-P. Chiu, K.-T. Chen, H.-H. Chiou, and C.-L. Lei

A Gossip-Based Membership Management Algorithm for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming, B. Rong, I. Khalil, and Z. Tari
Investigation on Transmit Power Estimation and Gateway Selection on Ad hoc Networks, T. Sheltami

Guaranteed Real-Time Services over Standard Switched Ethernet, X. Fan and M. Jonsson

Trends in Access Networks and their Implementation in DSLAMs, M. Gries, C. Sauer, S. Sonntag, D. Tölle, B. Wu, and R. Knorr

Effective Channel Time Analysis for Mobile Broadband Wireless Networks, D. Pong and T. Moors

Tracking the Optimal Configuration of a Bluetooth Scatternet, C. Kalló, C.-F. Chiasserini, R. Battiti and M. Marsan

MAPNaS: A Lightweight, Locality-Aware Peer-to-Peer Based Name Service for MANETs, T. Zahn and J. Schiller

A First Step Towards Achieving Call Survivability in Cellular Networks, Z. Anwar, W. Yurcik, S. Baset, H. Schulzrinne, and R. Campbell

Proportional Fairness for QoS Enhancement in IEEE 802.11e WLANs, J. Lee, W. Liao, and M. Chen

Optimal Placement of Multicast and Wavelength Converting Nodes in Multicast Optical Virtual Private Network, K.-M. Yong, G.-S. Poo, and T.-H. Cheng

Secure Cross-Domain Positioning Architecture for Autonomic Systems, T. Pfeifer
The Time-Controlled Clustering Algorithm for Optimized Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks, S. Selvakennedy and S. Sinnappan

A Method for Guaranteeing End-to-End Delay by Mutual Cooperation between IP Routers, D. Yamamoto, R. Fujita, H. Tode, T. Masaki, and K. Murakami

Simulated Annealing based Localization in Wireless Sensor Network, A. Kannan, G. Mao, and B. Vucetic

Modelling of SACK TCP and Application to the HTTP File Transfer Environment, D. Phillips and J. Hu

An Advanced QoS Protocol for Mass Content, A. IJsselmuiden, T. Dreibholz, and J. Adams

Hierarchical Network Architecture for Efficient Home Service Management, S. Lee, J. Song, and D. Lee

Context Based Preferences with Mobile Electronic Personality, P. Jäppinen

A General Signalling Approach for Local Adaptation, A. Takács, Á. Kovács, F. Kalleitner, and H. Brand

Delay Aware Adaptive Scheduling in Wireless LAN, L.-Y. Hung, J. Zhang, and B. Bensaou

Data Dissemination Based on Mobile Agent in Wireless Sensor Networks, M. Chen, T. Kwon, and Y. Choi

SBAM: A Socket-level Bandwidth Aggregation Mechanism, H. Sakakibara, M. Saito, and H. Tokuda

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Session 4
Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005 (13:40 - 15:20)

4A: Local Area Networks
Chair: Chun Tung Chou
Venue: Elizabeth Bay
4B: Security
Chair: Tim Strayer
Venue: Carlton Ballroom
4C: Wireless and Ad-Hoc
Chair: Brahim Bensaou
Venue: Watsons Bay
Rapidly Recovering Ethernet Networks for Delivering Broadband Services on the Train, F. De Greve, F. Van Quickenborne, F. De Turck, I. Moerman, and P. Demeester

A New Scheme for Interconnecting LANs with Label Switching Bridges, T. Feuzeu and B. Cousin

A Discovery Algorithm for Physical Topology in Switched Ethernets, Y. Sun, Z. Shi, and, Z. Wu

Improving the Data Transmission Throughput over the Home Electrical Wiring, M. Campista, L. Costa, and O. Duarte
Anonymous DoS-Resistant Access Control Protocol Using Passwords for Wireless Networks, Z. Wan, R. Deng, F. Bao, and A. Ananda

Efficient Group Key Management Protocol with One-Way Key Derivation, J.-C. Lin, F. Lai, and H.-C. Lee

Defining and Evaluating Greynets, Sparse Darknets, W. Harrop and G. Armitage

A Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Strong Graphical Passwords, W.-C. Ku and M.-J. Tsaur
Efficient and Highly Scalable Route Discovery for On-demand Routing Protocols in Ad hoc Networks, M. Abolhasan and J. Lipman

M2DR: A Near-optimal Multiclass Minimum-delay Routing Algorithm for Smart Radio Access Networks, M. Hollick, P. Mogre, T. Krop, H.-P. Huth, J. Schmitt, and R. Steinmetz

GaMa: An Evolutionary Algorithmic Approach for the Design of Mesh-Based Radio Access Networks, S. Ghosh, P. Ghosh, K. Basu, and S. Das

Performance Analysis of Scalable Certificate Revocation Schemes for Ad Hoc Networks, S. Eichler and B. Müller-Rathgeber

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Session 5
Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005 (15:50 - 17:10)

5A: Multicast
Chair: Magnus Jonsson
Venue: Elizabeth Bay
5B: Network Management
Chair: Selvakennedy Selvadurai
Venue: Carlton Ballroom
5C: DiffServ
Chair: Tom Pfeifer
Venue: Watsons Bay
An End Host Multicast Protocol for Peer-to-Peer Networks, W. Tu and W. Jia

A Scalable Overlay Multicast Congestion Control for Multimedia Streaming, J. Lu, Q. Ruan, and R. Ni

A Power-Aware Multicast Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Mobility Prediction, N.-C. Wang and Y.-L. Su
Dynamic Routing of Restorable QoS Connections in MPLS Networks, G. Rosenbaum, C. Chou, S. Jha and D. Medhi

Resilience Provisioning in Provider-Based Overlay Networks, G. Rosenbaum and S. Jha

Passive TCP Stream Estimation of RTT and Jitter Parameters, J. But, U. Keller, D. Kennedy, and G. Armitage
Fair Bandwidth Allocation among LSPs for AF Class Accommodating TCP and UDP Traffic in a Diffserv-Capable MPLS Network, K. Tsunekawa

Performance Analysis of the FICC-DiffServ Architecture, H. Phan, D. Hoang, and B. Yousef

Dynamic DiffServ Configuration Using COPS-PR, A. Beller, E. Jamhour, and M. Penna

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