LCN 2000

The 25th Annual IEEE Conference on
Local Computer Networks (LCN)

Technical Paper Sessions

Last update: 28 August 2000

Paper Session #1
Thursday, Nov. 9, 2000 (1:20-2:40 p.m.)

Track A Track B Track C Track D
Wireless LANs
Session Chair: P. Martini,
University of Bonn, Germany

Transmission Power Control for Multiple Access Wireless Packet Networks, J. Monks

A Novel Approach to ARQ Error Control Mechanisms for Wireless LANs Communications, N.T. Almeida, S.A. Abrantes

Wireless Packet Scheduling with Signal-to-Noise Ratio Monitoring, H. Aida, Y. Tamura, Y. Tobe, H. Tokuda

Comparison of TCP Reno and Vegas in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, S. Xu, T. Saadawi, M. Lee

Adaptive Approaches to Enhance Throughput of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN with Different Channel Quality, S. Ci, H. Sharif
Differentiated Services and QoS 1
Session Chair: M. Atiquzzaman,
University of Dayton, U.S.A.

Layered Network QoS Signalling -Motivation, Implementation & Measurements, J. Schmitt, M. Karsten, R. Steinmetz

Class-Based QoS Control Scheme by Flow Management in the Internet Router, K. Minami, H. Tode, K. Murakami

An Analysis of Resource Scheduling with Prioritization for QoS in LANs, D.H. Summerville, L. Edmunds

Adaptive Bandwidth Reservation Mechanism Using Mobility Probability in Mobile Multimedia Computing Environment, C.H. Choi, M.I. Kim, T.J. Kim, S.J. Kim
Network Security 1
Session Chair: K. Al-Tawil,
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Techniques for Intrusion-Resistant Ad Hoc Routing Algorithms (TIARA), R. Ramanujan, A. Ahamad, J. Bonney, R. Hagelstrom, K. Thurber

Network Security (Security in Large Networks), M. Singh, S. Singh

IGMPv3-Based Method for Avoiding DoS Attacks in Multicast-Enabled Networks, A.F. Gómez-Skarmeta, A.L.M. Martínez, P.M.R. Martínez

Distributed Weakness in Virtual Private Networks, S. Patton, D. Doss, W. Yurcik
Reliability and Fault-Tolerance
Session Chair: K. Prasad,
University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Algorithms for Minimal Cutsets Enumeration of Networks by Graph Search and Branch Addition, H. Suh, C. Chang

Provisioning Multilayer Restoration for Convergence, J. Kroculick, C. Hood

Fault-Tolerant Ethernet Middleware for IP-Based Process Control Networks, S. Song, J. Huang, P. Kappler, R. Freimark, T. Kozlik

Simulative Reliability Analysis of SCI Ring-Based Topologies, M. Sarwar, A. George, D. Collins

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Paper Session #2
Thursday, Nov. 9, 2000 (4:30-5:50 p.m.)

Track A Track B Track C Track D
Wireless LANs / Mobile IP
Session Chair: T. Braun,
University of Berne, Switzerland

Mobile Stations Localization in a WLAN, F. Peyrard, C. Soutou, J.J. Mercier

Handoff Support for Mobilty with IP over Bluetooth, S. Baatz, M. Frank, R. Göpffarth, D. Kassatkine, P. Martini , M. Schetelig, A. Vilavaara

A Portable Mobile IP Implementation, H. Haverinen, A. Kuikka, T. Määttänen

Security of Routing Cache Updates in Cellular IP, S. Baatz, W. Hansmann, J. Tölle

Location of Mobile Stations in a Wireless LAN, E. Llusca, T. Val, C. Normand, J. Mercier
Differentiated Services and QoS 2
Session Chair: M. Atiquzzaman,
University of Dayton, U.S.A.

A Core-Stateless Buffer Management Mechanism for Differentiated Services Internet, Y.T. Hou; D. Wu, Z.-L. Zhang, T. Chujo

Co-operation and Comparison of DiffServ and IntServ: Performance Measurements, J. Harju, P. Kivimäki

An Optimal Bandwidth Allocation Scheme and Real-Time Performance Analysis for LTPB Network, Z. Qiang, L. Zhiqiang, L. Qiao, X. Huagang

Programmable Resource Control in Global Active IP Networks, H. Guo, T. Becker

On Integrating Differentiated Services and UMTS Networks, J. Diederich, T. Lohmar, M. Zitterbart, R. Keller
Network Security 2
Session Chair: K. Al-Tawil,
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Multi-Dimensional Prefix Matching Using Line Search, M. Waldvogel

On Key Distribution In Secure Multicasting, K.-P. Wu, F. Lai,C.-K. Tseng

Group Management Strategies for Secure Multicasting on Active Virtual Private Networks, C. Labonté, S. Srinivas

Open Source Versus Commercial Firewalls: Functional Comparison, S. Patton, D. Doss, W. Yurcik

A Virtual Private Network Deployment Framework, S. Patton, B. Smith, D. Doss, W. Yurcik
Resource Control
Session Chair: B. Stiller,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Efficient Congestion Avoidance Mechanism, A. Dracinschi, S. Fdida

Quality of Service using Traffic Engineering over MPLS: An Analysis, P. Bhaniramka, W. Sun, R. Jain

DSRED: A New Queue Management Scheme for Next Generation Networks, B. Zheng, M. Atiquzzaman

Achieving Moderate Fairness for UDP Flows by Path-Status Classifcation, Y. Tobe, Y. Tamura, A. Molano, S. Ghosh, H. Tokuda

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Paper Session #3
Friday, Nov. 10, 2000 (11:10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

Track A Track B Track C Track D
Wireless / Cellular Networks
Session Chair: T. Braun,
University of Berne, Switzerland

Indoor Location Technique for 2G and 3G Cellular/PCS Networks, D.J. Shyy, B. Rohani

Real Time Multicast in Wireless Networks, A. Benslimane

DRiVE-ing to the Internet: Dynamic Radio for IP Services in Vehicular Environments, L. Xu, R. Tönjes, T. Paila, W. Hansmann, M. Frank, M. Albrecht

iNetwork - a GSM Compliant IP-Based Communication Platform, C.W. Cheng, W.C. Liu, C.G. Chung

Optimization Paging Cost by Dynamic Cell Grouping in Mobile Network, G.Y. Lee, Y. Lee
Differentiated Services and QoS 3
Session Chair: S. Jha,
University of New South Wales, Australia

Performance Measurements and Analysis of TCP Flows in a Differentiated Services WAN, J. Harju, Y. Koucheryavy, J. Laine, S. Saaristo, K. Kilkki, J. Ruutu, H. Waris, J. Forsten, J. Oinonen

Proportional Packet Loss Differentiation and Buffer Management for Differentiated Services in the Internet, M. Markaki, M.P. Saltouros, I.S. Venieris

End-to-end QoS Management for Delay-Sensitive Scalable Multimedia Streams over DiffServ, M. Albrecht, M. Köster, P. Martini, M. Frank

Integrated Service Mappings on Differentiated Service PHB: Guaranteed Service to Expedited Forwarding, B. Budiardjo, B. Nazief, D. Hartanto

Intra-domain Bandwidth Management in Differentiated Services Network, S. Jha, M. Hassan, P. Nanda
Video Communications
Session Chair: Y. Ishibashi,
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Index Control and Bandwidth Distribution for Layered Video Stream Transmission on the Internet, C. Zhiyong, L. Zhang

Joint Synchronization between Live and Stored Media in Multicast Communications, Y. Ishibashi, S. Tasaka, I. Miyamoto

A Comparative Survey of Synchronization Algorithms for Continuous Media in Network Environments, Y. Ishibashi, S. Tasaka

An Adaptive Dynamic Congestion Control of Compressed Video Traffic over ATM Networks, G. Sisodia, L. Guan, S. De, M. Dowlatshahi

The Performance of Ethernet Under a Combined Data/Real-Time Traffic, M.A. Aboelaze, A. Elnagar
Multicast 1
Session Chair: C. Grosch,
University of Hagen, Germany

A New Paradigm for Multipoint-to-Multipoint Communication Using XTP, G. Ramasivan, J.W. Atwood

Multicast Routing Based on Ant-Algorithm For Delay-Bounded and Load-Balancing, L. Guoying, L. Zemin

Systematic Testing of Protocol Robustness: Case Studies on Mobile IP and MARS, S. Begum, M. Sharma, S. Gupta, A. Helmy

Optimal Placement of Multicast Nodes in All-Optical Networks, M. Ali, J. Deogun

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Paper Session #4
Friday, Nov. 10, 2000 (1:50-3:10 p.m.)

Track A Track B Track C Track D
Wireless Networks
Session Chair: P. Martini,
University of Bonn, Germany

Interesting Optimization Problems in the Planning of Microwave Transmission Networks, S. Puthenpura

Satellite over Satellite (SOS) Network: A Novel Concept of Hierarchical Architecture and Routing in Satellite Network, J.W. Lee, T.W. Kim, D.W. Kim

The Effect of GA Parameters on PCS Network Planning, J. Li, Y.L. Guan, B.H. Soong

Auto-Configuration of Wireless Cell-site, S. Djoko, H. Lee, K. Basu

Experiment with the Validation of WAP Systems, O. Koné, A.R. Cavalli
TCP and Other Protocols 1
Session Chair: B. Atwood,
Concordia University, Canada

TCP Tunnels: Avoiding Congestion Collapse, B.P. Lee, R.K. Balan, L. Jacob, W.K.G. Seah, A.L. Ananda

The Performance of TCP over ATM on Lossy ADSL Networks, G. Lu, R. Simmonds, X. Zhonge, B. Unger, C. Williamson

Analytical Modeling and Performance Evaluation of the HIPERLAN CAC Layer Protocol for Real-Time Traffic, C. Coutras, P.-J. Wan, O. Frieder

Simple Reliable Multicast for Parallel Processing in Extended LANs, J. Mulik, Y. Shi, P. Conrad

TCP Performance of DMT-based ADSL System, X. He
Network Management
Session Chair: S. Jha,
University of New South Wales, Australia

A Methodology for Performance Management of Networks, Á.B. Drago, A.S. Garcia, M.E. Monteiro

Switching Theory Approach to Alarm Correlation in Network Management, E. Aboelela, C. Douligeris

Comparisons of Different Approaches for Capacity Management in ATM Networks, S.O. Larsson

Open Network Platform for Multiprotocol Communication, D. Jozic, T.Osmanlic, D. Huljenic, V. Sinkovic

Investigation of SNMP Impact on a Target Device, N. Matsushita
Multicast 2
Session Chair: C. Grosch,
University of Hagen, Germany

Tree-Based Reliable Multicast in Combined Fixed/Mobile IP Networks, W. Yoon, D. Lee, C. Yu

An Architecture for Seamless Access to Multicast Content, P. Liefooghe

Multi-Cores Uni-Directional Shared Trees Multicast Routing Protocol, M. Yulu, C. Shiduan

Delay Analysis for Multicast Switch under Burst and Poisson Traffic, C. Khemapatapan, P. Prapinmongkolkarn, S. Theerawoot

Optical QoS in Multicast Wavelength-Routed Networks Part I - Power Considerations, M. Ali, J. Deogun

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Paper Session #5
Friday, Nov. 10, 2000 (3:40-4:40 p.m.)

Track A Track B Track C Track D
Virtual Networks
Session Chair: M. Frank,
University of Bonn, Germany

Performance Impact of Data Compression on Virtual Private Network Transactions, J.P. McGregor, R.B. Lee

Implementation of a Bandwidth Broker for Dynamic End-to-End Resource Reservation in Outsourced Virtual Private Networks, I. Khalil, T. Braun

Inter Bridge VLAN Registration Protocol for IP Subnet VLAN, C. Kok, M. SalimBeg, N. Gehlot

Performance Evaluation of Software Virtual Private Networks (VPN), C. Peña, J. Evans
TCP and Other Protocols 2
Session Chair: B. Atwood,
Concordia University, Canada

Measurement-based TCP Models, T. Éltetõ, P. Benkõ

TCP Performance over Heterogeneous Networks, M. Arpaci, H. Uzunalioglu, J.A. Copeland

Effects of Competing Traffic on the Performance of TCP/IP over Asymmetric Links, K. Phanse, L.A. DaSilva, K. Kidambi

On Some Metrics of TCP, T.A. Trinh, T. Éteto, L. Györfi
Optical Networks
Session Chair: TBD

Performance of Multihop Networks using Optical Buffering and Deflection Routing, A.G. Fayoumi, A. Jayasumana, J. Sauer

Practical Traffic Grooming Scheme for Single-Hub SONET/WDM Rings, X.-Y. Li, L. Liu, P.-J. Wan, O. Frieder

A Route Design Algorithm for Multiple-Encoding Optical CDM Switching Network, H. Tode, Z. Tianwei, S. Nishi, K. Murakami
Session Chair: J. Schmitt,
Darmstadt University, Germany

A QoS Routing Algorithm Based on Ant Algorithm, Z. Subing, L. Zemin

Hierarchical QoS Routing in Delay-Bandwidth Sensitive Networks, K.-S. Lui, K. Nahrstedt, S. Chen

IP Route Lookups as String Matching, A. Donnelly, T. Deegan

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Paper Session #6
Friday, Nov. 10, 2000 (4:50-5:50 p.m.)

Track A Track B Track C Track D
Session Chair: R. Turner,
Paradyne, U.S.A.

Delay Estimation and Control of Available Bit Rate (ABR) Sources, P. Zhou, C. Thompson

Link-based Performance Monitoring of ATM Networks, B. Thurm, H.R. Wiltfang

Measurement of ATM Frame Latency, A. Durresi, R. Jain, G. Babic

ATM Network Connection Management Using Mobile Agents, S. Lazar, S. Kodeswaran, R. Varadharaj, D. Sidhu
Load Balancing and Caching
Session Chair: K. Christensen,
University of South Florida, U.S.A.

A Distributed Internet Caching System, T. Tay, Y. Feng, M. Wijeysundera

Load-Balanced Routing and Scheduling for Real-Time Traffic in Packet-Switched Networks, S. Bak, A. Cheng, J. Cobb, E. Leiss

Performance Evaluation of New Methods of Automatic Redirection for Load Balancing of Apache Servers Distributed in the Internet, K. Suryanarayanan, K. Christensen
Traffic Characterization
Session Chair: B. Bakshi,
BioNetrix, U.S.A.

Generalized Autoregressive Moving Average Modeling of the Bellcore Data, R. Ramachandran, V. R. Bhethanabotla

High-Speed Calculation Method of the Hurst Parameter Based on Real Traffic, T. Hagiwara, H. Doi, H. Tode, H. Ikeda

The Dependence of Internet User Traffic Characteristics on Access Speed, N. Vicari, S. Köhler, J.Charzinski

Nonlinear Time Series Model for VBR Video Traffic, J.L. Davis, K. Chandra, C. Thompson
High-speed Switching and Routing
Session Chair: J. Schmitt,
Darmstadt University, Germany

Scheduling Algorithms for A High-Speed Switch Supporting Real-Time Periodic Traffic Sources, J. Liu, L. Xia, R. Tsang, A. Pavan, D.H.C. Du

IP Forwarding Engine with VC Merging in MPLS System, S. Kang, Y.-K. Lee

High-Speed IP Forwarding Mechanism for an MPOA-Based Switched Router, J.A. Jun, H.C. Kim, K.-H. Lee, D.K. Sung

A New Route Selection Approach Using Scaling Techniques: An Application to Hierarchical QoS-Based Routing, M.P. Saltouros, M.E. Markaki, A.K. Taskaris, M.E. Theologou, and I.S. Venieris

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