LCN '99

24th LCN Technical Program: Paper Sessions

Last update: 14 October 1999

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1999 (1:30-3:00 p.m.)

Paper Session I Paper Session II
Wireless LANs
Session Chair: T. Strayer,
BBN Technologies, U.S.A.

Packet Level Performance Characteristics of a MAC Protocol for Wireless ATM LANs, B. Van Houdt, C. Blondia, O. Casals, J. Garcia

Evaluating Performance of the HIPERLAN CAC Layer Protocol for Asynchronous Traffic, C. Coutras, P.-J. Wan

Measured Performance of the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN, B. Bing

Determining the Propagation Range of IEEE 802.11 Radio LAN's for Outdoor Applications, M. Hope, N. Linge

IP Services over Bluetooth: Leading the Way to a New Mobility M. Albrecht, M. Frank, P. Martini, M. Schetelig, A. Vilavaara, A. Wenzel
Session Chair: P. Martini,
University of Bonn, Germany

Interconnection Model for Networked Virtual Reality Applications, M. Matijasevic, D. Gracanin, K.P. Valavanis, I. Lovrek

Virtual BUS: An Easy-to-use Environment for Distributed Resources, A. Takahara, S.-I. Tani, S. Ishihara, T. Miyazaki, M. Teramoto, T. Fukazawa

On Programming of Network Services, A.F. Morlang, I. Schieferdecker

Distributed Gatekeeper Architecture for H.323-based Multimedia Telephony, R.R. Roy

Modelization of a Multimedia Application Generator Applied to Telecommunication Systems, X. Scharff, P. Lorenz

Synchronization Skew: A QoS Measurement Study, S. Jha, A. Seneviratne

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Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1999 (3:20-4:50 p.m.)

Paper Session III Paper Session IV
Session Chair: K. Prasad,
University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Periodic Route Optimization for Handed-Off Connections in Wireless ATM Networks, K. Salah, E. Drakopoulos, T. Elrad

AQuaFWIN: Adaptive QoS Framework for Multimedia in Wireless Networks and its Comparison with other QoS Frameworks, B. Vandalore, R. Jain, S. Fahmy, S. Dixit

ATM Network Discovery Using Mobile Agents, S. Lazar, R. Varadharaj

Secure Multicast Extensions for Mobile Networks, V. Varadharajan

Using Formal Specification and Observers to Specify and Validate the ATM Signaling Protocols, J.W. Atwood, M. Ghodrat, D. Tasak
Network Management
Session Chair: B. Stiller,
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

An Architecture for Managing QoS-enabled VPNs over the Internet, T. Braun, M. Günter, I. Khalil

Data Flow and Buffer Management in Multi-Channel Data Link Controller, S. Varada, A. Shelat, V. Oduol

Optimal Routing Based on Super Topology in Hypercube WDM Networks, P.-J. Wan

Fuzzy Temporal Reasoning Model for Event Correlation in Network Management, E. Aboelela, C. Douligeris

On the Effects of the IEEE 802.3x Flow Control in Full-Duplex Ethernet LANs, O. Feuser, A. Wenzel

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Wednesday, Oct. 20, 1999 (10:50 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

Paper Session V Paper Session VI
Traffic Characterization and Control
Session Chair: J.W. Atwood,
Concordia University, Canada

Time Series Models for Internet Data Traffic, C. You, K. Chandra

On the Distribution of Round-Trip Delays in TCP/IP Networks, T. Éltetö, S. Molnár

Efficient and Accurate Ethernet Simulation, J. Wang, S. Keshav

The Worst-Case Scenario for Transmission of Synchronous Traffic in an FDDI Network, S. Zhang, E.S. Lee
Algorithms and Protocols
Session Chair: G. Kessler,
SymQuest Group, U.S.A.

The New Shortest Best Path Tree (SBPT) Algorithm for Dynamic Multicast Trees, H. Fujinoki, K.J. Christensen

Flow Aggregation and Scalability with ROBIN: End-to-End Regulation of Bandwidth in Intra-Networks, S. Baatz, M. Frank, P. Martini, A. Wenzel

An Algorithm for Playout of Packet Voice Based on Adaptive Adjustment of Talkspurt Silence Periods, J. Pinto, K.J. Christensen

A Media Synchronization Scheme with Causality Control in Network Environments, Y. Ishibashi, S. Tasaka, Y. Tachibana

A Causal-Phase Ordering Protocol with Multi-Initiators for Overlapping Broadcasts, L. Amanton, M. Nami

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