LCN '99

24th LCN Technical Program:Keynote

Last update: 23 July 1999

Tuesday Keynote Address

The Evolving Internet Infrastructure
Dr. Stephen Wolff, Cisco Systems

Demand is rising for Internet services that cannot be supported by a congested, single-service, best-effort Internet. There are two obvious solutions - differentiated use of the available end-to-end bandwidth, which might be termed "The Rise and Fall of the Stupid Network", and the brute force approach, or "Bandwidth Will be Free". This talk will discuss both, without making a clear prediction for either.

Stephen Wolff studied at Swarthmore College, Princeton University, and Imperial College. He taught Electrical Engineering in The Johns Hopkins University for ten years and subsequently spent fifteen years leading a computing- and network-related research group at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. In 1983 he took a sabbatical half-year as a Program Director in the Mathematics Division of the U.S. Army Research Office. From 1986 to 1995 he was Director of the Division of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), responsible for the NSFNET and NSF's basic research programs in networking and communications. He joined Cisco Systems in 1995, where he currently directs the Advanced Internet Initiatives Division with responsibility for Cisco's participation in Internet2, the U.S. government's Next Generation Internet and IT2 programs, and similar and related projects both domestically and abroad. Dr. Wolff holds two patents and is the author of several dozen technical reports and articles; he a member of AAAS and ACM, a Pioneer Member of the Internet Society, and a Life Member of IEEE.

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Wednesday Keynote Address

Multi-Service Networks and Their Evolution
Dr. Dev Vrat Gupta, MaxComm

Dr. Gupta is currently President and CEO of MaxComm Technologies, Inc., a business he founded in July 1998. MaxComm is a venture start-up primarily funded by Cisco Systems and Sequoia Ventures and is developing residential and Telephone Central Office products involving voice and data integration over broadband access media like x-DSL and HFC.

Dr. Gupta is also currently on leave from Cisco Systems where his last position was Vice President of Architecture and Technology Planning in the Service Provider Line Of Business (SPLOB). In this role he acted as Chief Architect and Chief Technologist for Cisco's network access business unit.

Prior to joining Cisco Systems, Dr. Gupta was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Dagaz Technologies, a subsidiary of Integrated Network Corporation (INC), an intraprenurial business he founded in 1995. Dagaz designed, manufactured and sold broadband access switches and associated Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to carriers and end users. In 1997 Cisco Systems purchased Dagaz Technologies from INC.

At INC, Dr. Gupta held several positions including EVP and General Manager of the Multimedia Business Unit (MBU) and VP of Engineering. Dr. Gupta and his organization invented and developed INC's Allendale broadband switching productline, the Digital Data Over Voice (DDOV) productline, the Universal Switched Data Capability (USDC) productline, the DDS Dataport Productline, the CSU/DSU productline and the Advanced D4 productline.

Prior to joining INC, Dr. Gupta was with Bell Telephone Laboratories in various design and supervisory capacities. At Bell Labs. he developed the DDS Dataports, the Circuit Switched Data Capability (CSDC) for the 1/1A ESS, and many channel/common units for the D3 and D4 Channel Banks. At the Consumer Products Laboratory, Dr. Gupta's organization was responsible for the design of Genesis Telesystem, an advanced multi-processor controlled telephone system (the first such in Bell Labs.), and did exploratory research into small digital PBXs.

Dr. Gupta holds a B. Tech. (EE) (Hons.) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, UP, India, an MSEE from the University of Maine at Orono and a Ph. D (EE) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is the author of numerous technical papers and holds numerous US Patents.

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