Prior IEEE Conferences on Local Computer Networks (LCN)

The 45th LCN (LCN 2020), October 2020; Sydney, Australia (virtual)

The 44th LCN (LCN 2019), October 2019; Osnabrück, Germany

The 43rd LCN (LCN 2018), October 2018; Chicago

The 42nd LCN (LCN 2017), October 2017; Singapore

The 41st LCN (LCN 2016), November 2016; Dubai, UAE

The 40th LCN (LCN 2015), October 2015; Clearwater, Florida, USA

The 39th LCN (LCN 2014), October 2014; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The 38th LCN (LCN 2013), October 2013; Sydney, Australia

The 37th LCN (LCN 2012), October 2012; Clearwater, Florida, USA

The 36th LCN (LCN 2011), October 2011; Bonn, Germany

The 35th LCN (LCN 2010), October 2010; Denver, Colorado, USA

The 34th LCN (LCN 2009), October 2009; Zürich, Switzerland

The 33rd LCN (LCN 2008), October 2008; Montreal, Canada

The 32nd LCN (LCN 2007), October 2007; Dublin, Ireland

The 31st LCN (LCN 2006), November 2006; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 30th LCN (LCN 2005), November 2005; Sydney, Australia

The 29th LCN (LCN 2004), November 2004; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 28th LCN (LCN 2003), October 2003; Bonn/Königswinter, Germany

The 27th LCN (LCN 2002), November 2002; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 26th LCN (LCN 2001), November 2001; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 25th LCN (LCN 2000), November 2000; Tampa, Florida, USA

The 24th LCN (LCN '99), October 1999; Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

The 23rd LCN (LCN '98), October 1998; Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

The 22nd LCN (LCN '97), November 1997; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The 21st LCN (LCN '96), October 1996; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The 20th LCN (LCN '95), October 1995; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Past proceedings must be ordered directly from the IEEE Computer Society. Contact and ordering information can be found at the Computer Society Web Page.

See also Dr. Michael Ley's LCN archive page at the Universit├Ąt Trier, Germany.